Beta Distribution (Pearson) Simulator

Occasionally, after the family falls asleep, I sneak away into the kitchen to play around with some math and tech. I recently built a micro-application to simulate a four-parameter beta distribution using the Pearson system.

The Pearson Simulator web app is available for use
on my server weekdays between 14:00 - 15:00 GMT
. Please note that this is experimental.

Important Notes

  • Be mindful of combinations of moments. i.e. Kurtosis > Skewness² + 1.
  • Since this is a micro-server prototype, I have limited the application to a maximum of three instances. Be patient for recomputing / refresh rates.
  • Each instance has a five minute timeout, so if you are unable to access or use the app - you will have to wait a little while until a resource is free.k